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Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

We Are Experts In Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

We are specialized in motor vehicle accident injuries.

Get help fast. Appointments booked within 24 Hours after your call.


Hassle-free: No need to bring any forms.

We will help you complete the necessary paperwork.


No need to talk with your insurance company or wait them to direct you


No out-of-pocket expenses. We bills the insurance company directly. 


Minor injuries qualify for up to pre-approved $3,500 in coverage. 








Being involved in a motor vehicle accident is overwhelming. Dealing with insurance companies, car rentals, and the injuries you sustained in the accident can be frustrating and stressful.


At Therapic Physiotherapy clinic we are here to help you get back to doing the things you love.  Our physiotherapists have years of experience assisting and treating clients involved in motor vehicle accidents and working with their insurance companies.

Statutory Accident Benefits Coverages are provided by law under every auto insurance policy in Ontario. Because the regulations (Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule, or SABS) are provincially mandated, the coverage provided is standard among insurance companies.

Statutory Accident Benefits provide compensation, regardless of fault, if you, your passengers, or pedestrians suffer injury or death in an auto accident.

How to get started:

Getting treatment soon after your accident increases the likelihood that you will return to your pre-accident level of function.  Please contact us as soon as possible after your accident to arrange for an assessment.

We recognize that the first few days after an accident can be overwhelming and stressful, but we are here to help you get the information and care you need during the early stages of your recovery. Please contact us directly to start your pre-approval treatment Plan.

What information do I need to book an appointment?

When you book your appointment we will ask you for:

  • The date of the accident

  • Your policy and claim number

Is this the right therapy for my injury ?

We provide you variety of solutions to treat your Musculoskeletal injuries after car accident. Starting from neck pain, shoulders, chest and lower extremity injuries. Your treatment might include laser therapy, muscles release therapy, cupping therapy, Call us today and we will provide you the customize treatment program.

Want to book an appointment with Therapic? Call us at (905) 301-3808 to find the best solution.

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