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At Therapic Physiotherapy Mississauga, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Preventing injury before they occur is always better than treating them once they already exits. We take a proactive approach to treatment and use preventive analysis and therapies to normalize our patients' movement patterns to prevent injuries from occurring – or re-occurring.

We discover and treat the root/source of your problem.

Our Team in Therapic Physiotherapy Mississauga want you to fully understand your injury and pain, to better and more efficiently recover. Quite often, the spot that hurts you is not the actual origin of the problem. Finding and treating the real source reduces the risk of recurring problems and slower recovery.

We provide evidence based, client-centered care.

Our Team in Therapic Physiotherapy Mississauga provide treatment based on scientific evidence in a friendly, welcoming and professional environment. We take a holistic approach to therapy and treatment, and consider rehabilitation to be more than just pain resolution; the ultimate goal is a better quality of life going forward.

We believe strongly in a relaxing and friendly clinical environment.

Our Team in Therapic Physiotherapy Mississauga love developing long-term friendships with our clients! Our team believes in taking the time to educate you, tell you what is wrong and what you can do about it.  It's not just what we can do for you.

We engage in ongoing professional education.

Our team regularly attends conferences and courses to keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date with current research. This allows us integrate new research findings and clinical skills into our treatment plans, and provide he very best quality of care.

Trusted and preferred choice for physiotherapy in Mississauga

We Focus on Manual Therapy And Hands-on Technique. 

Our efforts are focused to ensure that you recover from your injury in a healthy and speedy manner

Direct Billing To your Insurance Company

Late Evening And Weekend Appointment Available

Therapic Physiotherapy Mississauga delivers ‘Higher Standards of Care’, so you can feel confident knowing you are receiving one of the highest levels of patient care available to prevent further injury and improve your health and overall well-being. We ensure that clients receive highly individualized, one-on-one care to obtain better outcomes, faster. Through the process we will always ensure that you feel cared for. 

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