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Personalized Post Operative Physiotherapy Rehab

Accomplishing a successful surgery doesn't mean you can enjoy a healthy life in which you were living before entering operation theatre.

Postoperative rehabilitation physiotherapy is a unique type of physiotherapy for patients undergoing orthopedic surgeries. Surgical doctors also advise patients to get physiotherapy treatment to achieve better surgery results. Look for a professional physiotherapist who has knowledge and experience to adjust your problems through specific rehabilitation programs based on your circumstances.

Post-operative physiotherapy occurs in three phases, starting right after your discharge from surgery and lasts until you get all your body functions back at a normal level.

How will Post Surgery Physiotherapy help you?

We have skilled and experienced physiotherapists that offer a wide range of post-surgery physiotherapy programs to treat and rehabilitate you according to your health circumstances. They will advise and support you in every phase of recovery. Their specific program will reduce your pain and swelling and increase your flexibility, mobility, and strength. It will bring you back to your daily activities so that you can enjoy recreational activities and sports.

You can get post-surgical physiotherapy treatment for orthopedic surgery, spinal and neurological surgery, abdominal and thoracic surgery, obstetric and gynecological surgery, and breast surgery.

Does Therapic cover OHIP patients for Post-operative Physiotherapy?

We are sorry, we do not cover OHIP clients because we do not have an agreement with the government to do so. You can get your treatment with your Extended Health care benefits if you have or pay from your pocket. 

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